Pendant - Turquenite - on Stainless Steel Chain - Alloy Bail

Panda Hall

R 80.00 


Turquenite is a power coated howlite stone which is used as a replacement for the exceptionally rare natural turquoise. It is widely used and extremely popular. You will receive a single pendant which has a platinum toned alloy bail on a 52.6 cm long stainless steel chain. The bail will discolour in time depending on skin acidity levels and several other factors. A very inexpensive but hard wearing item. 


Chemical Composition: Ca2B5SjO9(OH)5

Hardness: 3.5

Distribution: Global (Howlite)

History: Turquenite is dyed Howlite. 

Properties: Balancing and evens out mood swings and brings inner peace. Reducing criticism of others and moving from selfishness; a release from stress and pain and an increase in the use of subtlety and tact. 

Cleansing: Recharge over night among rock crystals and in direct sunlight.