Bracelet - K2 Afghanite / Azurite - 8mm Bead

Soul Imports

R 210.00 


K2 Afghanite / Azurite
Key Words: Emotional Cleanser, Compassion, Inner Truth
Element: Earth, Fire, Water
Chakras: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th)
Spiritual: It has the properties of grounding with iron-rich minerals, the clairvoyance and focus of Quartz, the gentle healing vibes of Feldspar along with the divination and receptivity of Azurite! Emotional: Azurite is a complete emotional cleanser, ever ready to tie up all those dangling threads of anxiety, worry, and scattered thoughts. It shines a light on all the corners of your soul that could do a touch of healing and provides strong support and softness of being to help you tackle this with compassion and inner truth.