Stichtite & Serpentine Free Form Piece (STI-001)

Soul Array - South Africa

R 180.00 

Freeform polished piece of deep purple stichtite and dark green serpentine from Barbeton, Mpumalanga, South Africa Roughly 50/50 ratio of the two rock types. 

Size: 5 x 5 cm

Weight: g

Metaphysical Properties


Key Words: Kundalini activation, love and forgiveness, compassion, spiritual protection, emotional and physical resilience. 

Element: Wind

Chakras: Heart (4th), Crown (7th), Root (1st).

SPIRITUAL: Remind us of the power of the heart. It encourages calling upon onces guides and angels in good as well as in difficult times. Assists in feeling and living in the present. Works on the third eye and crown chakra and can stimulate visionary experiences. 
EMOTIONAL: Stone of love, unity, and cooperation. It helps in overcoming the reluctant to ask for support from others.  Its an excellent protective stone against negative emotional fields being created by others and will help one feel compassionate toward such individuals. 



Key Words: Access to spiritual history of the earth, connection with nature, kundalini awakening. 

Element: Earth

Chakras: All

SPIRITUAL: Serpentine assists in exploring the deep history of the earth and nature and assists you in finding your place in the web in life. Enhances communication with nature and animals. 
EMOTIONAL: Enables us to release fear of change and hardship and to look ahead into the future with a sense of hope and excitement. Makes you less self centered and enables us to dedicate time and effort to the greater good. 

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