Pendant - Red Jasper - on Stainless Steel Chain - Alloy Bail

Panda Hall

R 80.00 


This is a lovely quality Red Jasper pendants with a stunning polished finish. The odd pieces has a brecciation or white hydrothermal quartz vein present. Variation between pieces is to be expected.   

You will receive a single pendant which has a platinum toned alloy bail on a 52.6 cm long stainless steel chain. The bail will discolour in time depending on skin acidity levels and several other factors. A beautiful top quality crystal ideal for hard wearing conditions. 


Chemical Composition: Si2O2 + Fe, O, OH, Si

Hardness: 7

Location: Black Forest, France, Egpyt, USA, Africa, Australia, Brazil

Properties: Jasper symbolises power. Stimulates sexuality and fertility. In necklaces it combats exhaustion.

Cleanse: Under running lukewarm water, charge overnight in a bowl of Hematite stones.