Pure Naturals Incense - Incense Sticks - Pure Range


R 55.00 


This is Pure incense – to enhance your yoga, meditation and prayer.

Fragrances including

Amber Sun –  a blend of ancient herbs and spices with a sweet balsamic scent, with notes of cedar, sandalwood, vanilla and amber resins.

Cedar and Lavender blend –  a woody and healing scent, great to burn before bedtime as it aids in relaxing the mind for sleep. Cedar is often burned for purification and healing, and lavender is known to enhance and bring on relaxing sleep.

Cedar and Sandalwood blend – features the two giants of fragrance in a blend that is uniquely purifying and healing. Both scents are burned for purification, to cleanse a space of negative energies or strong, unpleasant smells.

Nag Champa Gold –  is a famous blend from the 1960s, featuring frangipani flowers and ancient herbs. Sometimes called the ‘hippy fragrance’, Nag Champa is often used during yoga practice and meditation.

Vanilla Moon –  a delicate blend of vanilla, ancient herbs and spices, flower petals and a selection of tree resins. Vanilla is associated with the mind, and helps to harness focus and concentration.