Pure Naturals Incense - Incense Sticks - Love Range


R 55.00 


“Everyone is seeking pleasure,
but there is only one pleasure
that can reach the heart,
and that is the pleasure of
experiencing the heart’s need
to give love and receive love”
Radhanath Swami

Love Fragrances

Deep Forest – Reminiscent of a walk through an ancient forest,a deeply relaxing, yet stimulating scent.

Frankincense – Frankincense smells like a combination of pine and burnt lemon, and is used in many sacred rituals to cleanse a space of negative energies.

Lotus Flower – Lotus Flower incense has a rich scent, reminiscent of the heat and smells of a tropical rainforest

Mountain Agarwood – Known as ‘oudh’ in Arabic, agarwood is sweet and balsamic, with notes of wood and florals.