Lapis Lazuli chakra star pendant, 40mm


R 150.00 

Chemical Composition: (Na, Ca)8 [(S, SO4, Cl2)/AlSiO4)6 + Fe Hardness: 5 - 6 Location: Afghanistan, Myanmar, Chile, Lake Bakal Properties: Lapis lazuli symbolises inspiration and wisdom. Effective against depression, promotes bonding and strengthens idealism. Aids in deep inner journeys of exploration, is a deeply royal and spiritual stone due to its associations with the Egyptian Pharaohs. Stimulates the throat chakra thus aiding in self expression. Cleanse: Among tumbled hematite, and recharge in a mass of rock crystals.

Type: Pendants Stone: Lapis Lazuli, assorted Color: Blue, assorted Size: 40mm including bail Metal: Nickel silver Note: You will receive a randomly selected item