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House Of Incense

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Locally Produced Incense

Natural Lobaan incense sticks are made off 100% pure Lobaan sourced from India. Lobaan incense sticks have a natural calming property and creates a sacred atmosphere which eliminates negative forces in the home. They enhance the senses for deep meditation by bringing the mind to ease. Its enticing fragrance is enriched with notes of pine and lemon along with dry woody base notes that help you focus and relax, edging you towards Divinity. Rose   Our Rose incense sticks are a sensory treat that evoke the emotions of love and care. The sweet and floral fragrance of the rose flower is accompanied with faint peppery and honey notes to produce one of the best fragrances for aromatherapy. It is best lit after a tiresome and strenuous day as this fragrance serves are a great stress reliever and has a calming effect by soothing the body, mind and soul.


2 Hour burn time