Muruga & Peacock 110cm x 56cm


R 6,000.00 


Murugar is the second son of Siva and Parvati, brother of Lord Ganesha. Murugar is worshipped widely in Southern India, especially in Tamilnadu. In fact, he is called the Tamil Kadavul (The Lord of the Tamil people). He was once upset that Lord Siva gave the sacred fruit to Ganesha and tricked him out of winning it. He is said to have left the Himalayas, the abode of Lord Siva & Parvati and settled down on a hill top in Tamilnadu in the South. Most of the Murugar temples are located on top of small hills and he is also known as the Kundra Kadavul (Lord who is seated on a hill, kundru - hill). He was born for the sole purpose of destroying Sura Padman, an asura who was giving immense trouble to the Devas & rishis. Murugar is said to have been created from the sparks from Lord Siva's third eye. Vayu and Agni Deva carried the sparks and dropped it in the Ganges which was carried to the Saravana Poigai. Six babies arose from the sparks and the six children were brought up by six women known as the Karthigai Pengal (pengal - women). When Parvati picked up the six children, Lord Muruga appeared as one baby. Muruga is sometimes depicted with six heads. When the time was ripe to destroy Sura Padman, Parvati gave him her Sakthi Vel. Murugar fought with Sura Padman, destroyed him. During the fight, every time his head was cut, Surapadman got a new head – a lions, a tigers, goat, etc. Murugar decided to cut him up vertically in two halves when he took the form of a tree. He is kind even to his enemies and thus took one half of the tree as his vahana in the form of a peacock and took the other half of the tree as a cock emblem in his flag.

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