Statue - Buddha - Laughing / Happy Sitting - 29cm

Moulds Kyasands

R 854.00 


Locally manufactured in Gauteng, suitable for indoor use only.

Hotei is known as the god of contentment and happiness, guardian of children and the patron of bartenders. He is always depicted as have a big belly, and a happy face. Thus in the western world has become known as the fat Buddha, lucky Buddha, happy Buddha, or laughing Buddha. Hotei is actually a Japanese depiction of a reincarnation of a Buddha, namely Miroku Bodhisattva. Hotei is often depicted carrying a large cloth bag, which is used to feed the poor and needy. He is also often depicted with a chinese fan, which is believed to represent his ability to grant wishes. Hotei is depicted in a number of different ways, one of which includes a depiction with Children, which is said to bring about a happy marriage filled with many children.


Dimensions        290 x 270 x 220 (h x w x d)

Weight                5.3kg

Classification      Cast Replica