Lamp Lady 64cm Standing


R 1,380.00 


Paavai Vilaku or a Lady Holding a Lamp is a very popular Hindu religious motif. The symbolism associated with it is auspiciousness. It is gifted during marriages, house warming and other similar functions and it is also donated to temples. Some scholars are of the view that the lamps might have originally come to South India through the Romans.

Paavai Vilaku or a Lady Holding a Lamp symbolizes prosperity and auspiciousness. In Hindu culture woman holding a lamp is considered a symbol of peace and prosperity.

Traditional Paavai Vilaku is that of a woman dressed in traditional dress and jewellery holding a lamp. This is the most popular one.

Today Paavai Vilaku comes in various designs including that of a bird on the arms of a lady.

Paavai Vilakus are usually brought in a pair.


Dimensions        640 x 200 x 200 (h x w x d)

Weight                3.7kg

Classification      Cast Replica