Jerusalem - Sacramental Offering - Holy Water


R 89.00 


From the Jordan River; the sacred river where Jesus was baptised. Jesus Christ is the designation of Jesus of Nazareth who was an itinerant Jewish prophet from the Galilee in northern Israel. He preached the imminent intervention in human affairs by the God of the Jews, when God would establish his kingdom on earth. The proper name Jesus was Greek for the Hebrew Yeshua ("he who saves"). 'Christ' (Greek: Christos) was translated from the Hebrew "meshiach" (messiah).

Holy water is used for the purpose of spiritual cleansing, baptism, the blessing of persons and objects, or as a means of repelling evil.

Weight: 30.75 g.

Dimensions: 72 mm. (height) x 40 mm. (width) x 40 mm. (length)