Buddha 23cm Laughing Buddha on Money Frog


R 414.00 


Manufactured using marble dust and resin. Hand painted. Delivery time 10 - 14 working days.

The Golden Laughing Buddha on Money Frog helps to ensure that the owner will be able to prosper in the area of wealth, at the same time enjoy happiness and peace in the boundaries of his or her life.

The Laughing Buddha is always a symbol of Happiness. Business owners or politicians will do well, if you place him at your house or office. Many Feng Shui masters referred Laughing Buddha as the Buddha of Wealth. This is because of the image of the Laughing Buddha is believed to attract unlimited of prosperity and abundance of wealth and luck. For those who are engaged in any kind of business, I suggest you have one of this Deity in your house and your office to bring wealth, good fortune and luck as well. The Ru Yi scepter in the Laughing Buddha’s left hand helps to enhance your luck and wealth, and the Buddhist Prayer Beads (Mala Beads) on his right hands helps to enhance the element of peace and happiness in one’s life.

The Money Frog or also known as The Three Legged Toad is the best symbol of making money. As per legend, Money Frog seems to exist on the moon. When there is an eclipse, it seems that the frog is seen swallowing the moon. In other myths, is the wife of one of the eight immortals that stole the elixir of immortality from the Queen of the West, Wang Mu. She ran to the moon and there she was transform to a frog by the Gods. Also related to the legend of The Money Frog is Lui Hai, one of the 8 Immortals, A Minister of State who live during the Tenth Century. Lu Hai knows that the Money Frog is fondness for money, he uses bait, a red line tied with gold coins and lure the Money Frog out from hiding. From the Lu Hai’s legend, it become popular that Money Frog with coins symbolize wealth is about to come and greet you if you display a Money Frog in your home. The Money Frog also represents the symbol of attractive good fortune and wealth luck. If you are a business man, put a Money Frog in your office and it will attract good fortune and wealth luck for your business. There are many picture of the Money Frog, some sitting on coins and some has a coin in its mouth. It actually means the same thing. All is a Feng Shui symbol to attract good fortune and wealth luck to your home or office.


Dimensions         240 x 160 x 190 (h x w x d)

Weight                1.8 kg

Classification      Cast Replica