Full Moon Bath Soak

Indigo Healing

R 195.00 

The full moon definitely has an effect on our bodies & it is highly recommended to at this time rejuvenate & replenish our energy to better navigate life afterwards.

Simply pour a handful of the Full Moon Body Soak mixture into the tub while the water is running. Soak for about 10-15 minutes & let the emotions or thoughts come to you without judgement. Don't try to push them down, stay strong or hide them any longer. Let them go!!

The ingredients include:

Epsom Salts are naturally concentrated with the minerals Magnesium & Sulfate. Magnesium helps our muscles & organs relax and releases toxic build up while sulfate stimulates our digestive enzymes making our body primed to process any build up that is left. Your skin will absorb these salts as it warms and relaxes and the detox process will begin.

Baking Soda has a high PH level so it neutralizes the chlorine and other chemicals in the water. It alkalizes our bath & bathing in this state assists us in further absorption of minerals & waste elimination. A bonus is that it has a softening effect on the skin.

Himalayan Salts has more than 80 nutrients to replenish our skin & bodies. Salt is one of our essential nutrients and so this one helps to stimulate our muscles and also restore homeostasis from the inside out. The electrical vibration of these salts assist in further waste disposal too.

Lavender is helpful in relaxing the nervous system and has the power to calm skin irritations. When our nervous system is soothed its the time when we best process & rebuild.

Packaged in a glass bottle & weighs around 400 grams

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