Fluorite (A Grade) Pendant on Stainless Steel Chain

Panda Hall

R 150.00 

This is exceptionally high quality Fluorite pendants with a stunning polished finish. Gemmy clarity with multiple classic fluorite colours showing in good light. 

You will receive a single pendant which has a platinum toned alloy bail on a 52.6 cm long stainless steel chain. The bail will discolour in time depending on skin acidity levels and several other factors. A beautiful top quality crystal ideal for hard wearing conditions. 


Chemical Composition: CaF2 + (Cl, C, Ce, Fe, Y)

Hardness: 4

Location: Spain, England, USA, Mexico, China

History: Often referred to as feldspar, folk law describes it as the home of rainbows. 

Properties: Symbolizes responsibility and obedience. Awakens suppressed feelings, and combats narrow-mindedness. Brings stability to incoherent or incohesive energies. Attunes to higher guidance during meditation enriching visions and insights. Mental enhancement and clarity, improved decision-making, clearing the energy fields.

Cleanse: Under warm running water, recharge in the run or among quartz crystals.

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