Evil Eye Bracelet - Lava Bead - 5ml

Soul Array - South Africa

R 120.00 R 150.00

Evil Eye Bracelet with Hamsa charm.

Strung with Lava beads, Turquenite and lapis on metal findings.

Lava Beads - A grounding stone and each one is unique. Lava stone embodies the elemental combination of passionate FIRE and grounding EARTH.

Lapis Lazuli - Symbolises inspiration and wisdom. Effective against depression, promotes bonding and strengthens idealism. Aids in deep inner journeys of exploration, is a deeply royal and spiritual stone due to its associations with the Egyptian Pharaohs. Stimulates the throat chakra thus aiding in self expression.

Turquenite - Balancing and evens out mood swings and brings inner peace. Reducing criticism of others and moving from selfishness; a release from stress and pain and an increase in the use of subtlety and tact.

Add a bottle of fragrance oil and you have a beautiful diffuser bracelet. 

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