AllisOne - Tissue Salt - Rescue Synergy: 180s - DE-STRESS

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R 299.00 


Composure and Stability
Rescue Synergy helps to de-stress, centre one’s energy and assist in managing everyday stressful situations, revitalising and bringing emotional stability. Assists emotional upsets, edginess, excitability, irritability, moodiness, restlessness, sleeplessness, tearfulness, tension, fatigue, fear and mild anxiety.*

It is a useful tonic during pregnancy for mother and baby, beneficial for hyperactive or exhausted children, students and adults having to cope with a lot of mental and physical demands.

Rescue Synergy contains the equivalent of seven individual tissue salts:

Kali Phos - the brain and nerve builder
Kali Mur - the soft tissue builder and blood conditioner
Mag Phos - the muscle and motor nerve nutrient, helps to relax tension and ease spasms of all kinds
Nat Phos - the acid neutraliser and balancer
Silicea - the connective tissue builder and cleanser
Calc Phos - essential for building all new cells and nourishing them
Nat Mur - the water balancer, necessary for hydrating and vitalising the cells and tissues