Crystal Massage Wand

Soul Array - South Africa

R 750.00 

Crystal wands are used to massage the skin, laid on the chakras or body locations in need or healing or used to focus healing energy.

Rose Quartz: Is the most important stone of love. Love for oneself, love for your partner, children, family members, and community. It stimulates love by activating the heart chakra, and in doing so stimulates compassion, strengthens friendships and combats lovesickness. Aids in improving your sleeping patterns. 

Swaziland Royal Jade: Spiritual –  Emotional –Strengthens an individual’s sense of self. Ideal stone for those looking for a positive view of life. Symbolizes tranquillity. Its gives the wearer inner equilibrium and stimulates dreaming.

Sodalite: Sodalite evokes images from deep within the subconscious. Acts as a guide for inner travels through meditation, dream time, or shamanic journeying. Enables the discovery of your lives path, enabling spiritual growth. Symbolizes self-confidence and loyalty. Promotes spiritual harmony, and is a source of artistic inspiration. Ideal stone for calming hot tempered people. 

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