Pendant - Aquamarine - Large XX Rare - Deluxe Sterling Silver 925

Soul Imports

R 2,290.00 


Legend says aquamarine originally came from a mermaid's jewellery box (Latin aqua maris means "sea water").

KEYWORDS: Clearing, soothing, enhancement of clear communication.


CHAKRAS: Throat (5th), Heart (4th)

PROPERTIES: Spiritual – Activates the throat chakra and in doing so stimulates communication of your deepest thoughts, and self-expression. Promotes understanding between divergent viewpoints. Aids in working through grief. Emotional – Aquamarine symbolizes peace. It encourages a gentle nature and personality in the wearer. It is said to bring pure love. By turning darkness to light, the stone indicates what is true or false. When it becomes white, it is said to warn against false friends.

COMPLEMENTARY STONES: Morganite, hellidor, moldavite.