AllisOne - Tissue Salt - Calc Sulph Nº 3: 180s - CLEANSE

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R 190.00 R 205.00

Skin Purifier and Wound Healer
The biochemic cell cleanser, Calc Sulph strengthens and maintains the integrity of cell membranes, preventing premature cell disintegration.

Facial Analysis Signs:
Pigmentation marks in some instances
Translucent alabaster-white tone
Biochemic Mode of Action:
Calc Sulph is a blood purifying tissue salt that helps the liver to remove decaying organic products from the blood stream. If deficient in Calc Sulph, the dormant accumulation of these wastes leads to injury of surrounding tissue. Calc Sulph helps in conditions associated with the discharge of pus.

Calc Sulph is indicated to assist:
Imupure skin, pimples & acne breakouts
Tendency to mouth ulcers
Tendency to cold sores
Slow healing wounds

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