Chakra Poster

Meta Varsity

R 480.00 


Proudly designed and printed in South Africa. 



Our Intention is to awaken one to an array of possibilities and options that there are on this healing journey. Our poster shows that all systems are fundamentally linked. It also recognises that every being has a unique fluctuating vibration and therefore needs to find the ultimate corresponding remedy or approach.

This unique chakra chart integrates both Western and Eastern philosophy giving one a holistic view on each chakra. It includes: 

* Colour                                           * Mandala

* Mantra                                          * Sanskrit name

* Location                                        * Organ/physical area

* Physical imbalance                       * Glands

* Yoga asanas/ exercises                * Sense & element

* Tissue salts                                    * Essential oils/ herbs

* Indigenous plants                         * Herbal remedies Ayurvedic medicine

* Musical note                                 * Vibrational sound

* Frequency                                     * Affirmation

* Mental & emotional aspects       * Over energised, under energised states

* Addictions                                     * Meditation

* Crystals                                         * Aura-Soma®

* Bach® Remedies                           * SA flower essences

* African Tree essences                   * Auric body

* Psychic ability                              * Angels & archangels,

* Astrology                                       * Qabalah

* Planets                                          * Chi gung

 A METAVarsity product proudly distributed by SOUL ARRAY