Buddha Money Bag 20cm


R 287.00 


Soul Array exclusive product. Locally Manufactured in Gauteng, suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

Hotei is known as the god of contentment and happiness, guardian of children and the patron of bartenders. He is always depicted as have a big belly, and a happy face. Thus in the western world has become known as the fat Buddha, lucky Buddha, happy Buddha, or laughing Buddha. Hotei is actually a Japanese depiction of a reincarnation of a Buddha, namely Miroku Bodhisattva. Hotei is often depicted carrying a large cloth bag, which is used to feed the poor and needy. He is also often depicted with a chinese fan, which is believed to represent his ability to grant wishes. Hotei is depicted in a number of different ways, one of which includes a depiction with Children, which is said to bring about a happy marriage filled with many children.