Large Black Tourmaline Palm Stone - 60 to 80 mm - sold per piece

Soul Array - South Africa

R 225.00 

Common Name: Schorl

Keywords: Purification, Protection


Chakra: 1st

You will receive a single individually hand polished piece which range in shape but have a size range of roughly 80 to 100 mm in maximum diameter. Each individual piece has an average weight of 260 g. Pieces may vary from the images shown. Every single piece is unique. Red specular inclusions often occur in material from Madagascar. 

Tourmaline / Schorl is one of the most basically primary stones for protection, closing the auric field, as well as to protect against electromagnetic radiation. Should be placed close to your PC, Screen and Routers. Ideal for Reiki treatments to close the auric field after treatment - ideal for practitioners and home use. 

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