Aromafume - Exotic Incense Bricks - Oud Al Khaleeji Bakhoor

Mantra Lounge

R 56.70 


A sensory magical carpet ride to an era of palaces and manicures gardens. Fresh top notes of citron and basil intertwine with a majestic rose. The spicy notes of cinnamon and clove offer a royal welcome as they blend with a gorgeous geranium mid. A woody base of sandal, agar and cedarwood and long lasting warmth and elegance. 

9 Bricks per box.

Aromafume Incense Bricks are produced by a family owned business founded in 1900. The secret recipe has been passed down from several generations. The process is a combination of the art of natural handmade incense with a variety of contemporary fragrances.

Each brick is enriched with various natural ingredients including aromatic woods, exotic flowers, natural barks, tree extracts, resins, leaves and flowers. Fragrance oils used in production are 100% IFRA compliant and sourced responsibly.

Ash Free. Minimal Smoke. Non-Toxic. Eliminates Odour