AllisOne - Tissue Salt - Nat Mur Nº 9: 60s - AQUALIBRATE

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Moisturise and Vitalise
Nat Mur is the biochemic vitaliser, moisturiser and water distributor, responsible for hydrating the cells and tissues. Another must in the first-aid kit, it helps at the onset of colds or allergies, reduces swelling and eases insect bites, burns and sunburn. Nat Mur promotes vitality and eases melancholy.

Facial Analysis Signs:
Puffiness under eyes
Cheeks may appear to puffy, bloated or spongy
Obvious nasolabial fold
Edge of eyelids may appear moist or 'greasy'
Biochemic Mode of Action:
A vast percentage of our body is comprised of water, so this is an important salt for almost everyone – without Nat Mur, the body cannot utilize the water available to it. Any excessive moisture or dryness (they sometimes both occur together such as dry lips and runny nose) is a signal for this salt. It helps to reduce puffiness in the face and extremities, and minimizes the depth of the naso-labial fold. Used in conjunction with Kali Phos, it helps to shift despondency and revitalize the body, mind and spirit.

Nat Mur is indicated to assist:
Cravings for salty foods
Excessive thirst
Predisposition to insect bites
Grief or despondency
Elimination of excess fluid
Dry skin
Weeping skin
Hay fever
Cold sores
Blood cell formation