Meta Varsity

R 75.00 

A4 Laminated Print

“Spiritual illustrations that restore balance & harmony in your being bringing you back to your essence”

How these sacred mandalas have been created.

We translate the subject, the word that the Mandala represents into numerology. Each letter has a numerical number associated with it, for example: a – 1, b – 2, c – 3, etc. We then use the numbers to setup the design of the Mandala.

The energy of each individual letter creates the journey of the Mandala. The first letter of the word is in the centre of the mandala and from there all the next letters are shaped around the centre.

The inspiration comes via the combination of the numbers and their common energy. What comes up is inspired via the universe, and is just as it should be.

We never change or alter the first set up. This gives each individual Mandala its own specific form and shape. The centring energy of each mandala brings healing to those who work with it.

 A METAVarsity product proudly distributed by SOUL ARRAY

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