4th Heart Chakra Necklace


R 180.00 
Available for pre-order

Beautiful Heart Chakra necklace manufactured in SA by Dandelion. 

The Heart Chakra is also known as Anahata. The chakra of love. The Ancient Greeks understood that love takes on many forms, and this is expressed best through their language.  Eros is sexual passion, Philia is friendship, Ludus is playful love, Agape love for your community, Pragma long standing love, and Philautia is love for thyself. This is an excellent model to understand the role the heart chakra plays in our existence, and pathway to enlightenment. A blockage in this chakra can result in a fear of love or commitment, whilst if stimulated can teach us the complexities of the Anceint Greeks understanding of Love in all its form and ultimate glory. 

Element: Air

Physical location: In the center of the chest at the heart level

Organs associated: Heart, Lung, Circulatory system


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