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Alexander H Parkinson 

Alexander considers himself a “Spiritual Scientist” – someone who has published scientific papers in world class peer reviewed journals, but also someone who recognises that many things exist beyond the physical realm and thus outside of the boundaries of scientific explanation. His interest in spirituality and metaphysics started at the age of 17 when he witnessed demonic possession and a failed exorcism. Since then and for the last two decades he has been a student of applied metaphysics.

Alexander completed a BA degree in Archaeology in 2009, Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in 2010 and finished his Master of Science Degree in palaeontology in 2013. Alexander is in the process of completing his PhD at the University of the Witwatersrand. Alexander has worked extensively in the Cradle of Humankind and has assisted in excavating several early iron age sites across Southern Africa. Alexander has given many public lectures of evolution and is strongly committed to public engagement on the topics of science.  

In 2010, Alexander and his wife Megan established Soul Array Pty Ltd which currently is Africa’s largest esoteric / spiritual online shop and wholesale distributor. More recently, Alexander launched AfroCentric-Antiques a company which provides museum quality African Tribal Art to collectors, institutions, and enthusiasts across the globe.

Nowadays Alexander spends less time teaching science and more time educating people on conscious living and applied metaphysics.


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