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Soul Array Pty Ltd is Africa's Largest Online Wholesale Manufacturer, Supplier, and Distributor of quality Esoteric/Spiritual merchandise. Soul Array has exclusive national and/or international distribution rights for a number of proudly South African product manufacturers, artists, artisans, and craftsmen. We import quality sort after products from various global suppliers. Our quality makes all the difference.  


South African Clients


1. We are not VAT registered.

2. Minimum shipping charges will be automatically calculated and added to your invoice for orders less than 25 Kg’s

3. Order greater than 25 Kg’s you will receive quotes for the shipping.

4. Our preferred partner for South African deliveries is

5. Only once an order is packed and weighed can we get a final amount due for shipping.

6. If the final shipping charges are greater than the minimum shipping charges paid during checkout you shall receive a second invoice for payment.

7. No orders will be despatched prior to shipping being paid in full.

8. You must be logged into the system in order to see the wholesale product selection and pricing.


International Clients


1. Malonip Pty Ltd handles all international distribution on behalf of Soul Array Pty Ltd.  

2. Customers outside of South Africa are not liable for VAT.

3. Shipping charges will NOT be added to your order during checkout.

4. Only once your order has been packed & weighed will we be able to obtain accurate quotes for shipping.

5. The following shipping options are available for our international clients (In Our Order of Preference)

5.1) UPS – WorldWide Express Saver (8 to 10 Days Delivery)

5.2) South African Postal Services (SAPO) – Surface Mail (8 to 12 weeks)

5.3) South African Postal Services (SAPO) – Air Mail (6 to 12 days)5

5.4) South African Postal Services (SAPO) – EMS (6 to 12 days)



UPS World Wide Express Saver

United Kingdom – Examples Below


- 10 Kg Order: £8.20 per kg

- 20 Kg Order: £5.90 per kg

- 30 Kg Order: £5.10 per kg

- 50 Kg Order: £4.40 per kg

- 70+ Kg Order: £4.10 per kg


United States – Examples Below


- 10 Kg Order: 14 USD per kilogram

- 20 Kg Order: < 10 USD per kilogram

- 30 Kg Order: < 8.50 USD per kilogram

- 50 Kg Order: <7.20 USD per kilogram

- 70+ Kg Order: <6.50 USD per kilogram


Australia – Examples Below


- 10 Kg Order: 20 AUD per kg

- 20 Kg Order: 14 AUD per kg

- 30 Kg Order: 12 AUD per kg

- 50 Kg Order: 10.50 AUD per kg

- 70+ Kg Order: <10 AUD per kg

Please Note: Above rates exclude insurance, customs duties, fuel surcharges or any other surcharges if applicable. For estimates rates for other regions not specified above please email


South African Postal Services (SAPO)

Surface Mail - 8 to 12 weeks


- Europe - R211.20 per box plus R39.60 per kilogram (3 USD)

- America - R166.43 per box plus R63.25 per kilogram (5 USD)

- Canada, Australia, Japan - R155.48 per box plus R39.60 per kilogram (3 USD)


Air Mail – 6 to 12 days


- Europe - R223.74 per box & R184.80 per kg (14 USD)

- America - R166.43 per box & R288.20 per kg (22 USD)

- Canada, Australia, Japan - R158.95 per box & R257.40 per kg (20 USD)

Please note: The turnaround times on deliveries for any of the SAPO services are not guaranteed. The delivery times specified above are those published by SAPO but our experience has shown us that this is rather a minimum guideline. Actual delivery times can be 2 to 3 times longer than the published guidelines from SAPO. Soul Array Pty Ltd nor its partners cannot be held liable for extended delays due to SAPO services. Refunds will not be granted for orders which are delivered late.




- <2 Kg – R80

- 2 to 15 Kg (1 box) – R180

- 15 to 25 Kg (1 box) – R250

Please Note: Orders greater than 25Kg’s will be quoted.

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