Crystal Healing Diploma Course

 We have teamed up with the leading online training provider, Centre Of Excellence, to bring you a special offer on their Crystal Healing Diploma Course.

Simple in appearance but complex in nature, there is a lot more to crystals than meets the eye. Crystals have healing properties that those with the proper knowledge can tap into and channel to those who need it.

 With healing properties specific to each type of crystal, knowing how to cleanse, awaken, choose, and store crystals, as well as the multifarious ways to use crystals to heal, crystal healing can quickly become overwhelming. The Crystal Healing Diploma Course from Centre Of Excellence makes it easier, taking you step-by-step through mastering the hidden powers of crystals.

The Crystal Healing Diploma Course is for anyone who wishes to take a metaphysical or holistic approach to wellness and wellbeing in their own lives. It can also be taken to guide you onto a new career path or to add services to an existing practice.

Upon successful completion of the CMA-accredited Crystal Healing Diploma Course, you will receive 3 certificates - an accredited certificate from the IAHT, a CPD certificate showing the number of CPD hours you have completed and a diploma certificate from Centre of Excellence. Most importantly, having proven your competence, you will be able to obtain professional insurance to set up a business and work as a Crystal Healing Practitioner.


The course is split into the following 16 modules:

1.    How Crystal Healing Works

2.    Crystal Systems and Structures

3.    How to Clear and Cleanse Stones

4.    Storing Your Crystals and Honouring Crystal Beings

5.    Common Crystals and Stones

6.    Crystal Healing and Other Therapeutic Techniques

7.    Chakra and Aura Scanning Techniques

8.    Clearing Chakra Cords, Connections and Aura Combing

9.    An Introduction to Laser Wands

10. Crystal Techniques, Layouts and Grids

11. Healing Amplification with Quartz Crystals

12. Creating Crystal Elixirs and Essences

13. An Introduction to Meditation with Crystals

14. Colour Energy for Enhanced Treatment Potential

15. Meridians, Kundalini and Your Healing Space

16. How to Build Your Crystal Toolkit and Conduct a Healing Session


You can now get the  Crystal Healing Diploma Course from Centre Of Excellence

for just £127 (usually £247)

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