Bracelet - Aura Hematite - 8mm Bead

Soul Imports

R 180.00 


Key Words: Master Grounding, Protection.
Element: Earth
Chakras: All, Mostly Root (1st) & Crown (7th)
Spiritual: Splashed with all the colors of the seven chakras, Rainbow Hematite is like a sponge for the soul Ð ever ready to soak up all that negative energy. For those empaths and deep thinkers who feel like they need a soul stone to absorb the darkness of the heart, Rainbow Hematite is a rare gift. Connecting with the solar plexus, Rainbow Hematite can be used as a protective force, can grant solid grounding, and can also be used to dig yourself out of stuck in the mud scenarios. Emotional: Known as The Master Grounding Stone with shades of warrior magic, Rainbow Hematite is a shield on the battlefield of life.


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