POD - Pendulum - Black Tourmaline - Silver Plated Wire Wrap

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R 150.00 



Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendulum :

Description: Black Tourmaline deflects and protects against negative thoughts,emotions,geopathic stress and EMF radiation from cell phones, laptops and cell phone towers. Perfect for individuals with sensitive energy fields.

Keywords: For protection and grounding.

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn / Libra / Tarus / Leo

Birthstone: None

Not only are our crystal pendants functional on an energy-level, they are also beautiful individually-crafted pieces of jewellery. These stunning hand cut and polished crystals are imported from across the globe and wrapped with a silver plated high quality wire sourced from Germany. This product is exceptionally well made, professionally presented, and is a top quality export grade product from our South African shores.

Go on spoil yourself. You deserve it!

Comprehensive information on the healing properties relative to each crystal included.

Images are an example, colour, clarity and size will be variable due to their natural composition.