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R 235.00 


Dowsing Rods:

The dowsing rod handles have been ergonomically designed for comfort and are

hand-crafted on a lathe using an African hardwood. They have a smooth and

sensitive feel which allows for increased accuracy. Also included is comprehensive

information on dowsing, how to dowse, tips and practical exercises to help

accelerate your dowsing skills.Dowsing makes the world of energy measurable, alive and tangible.

Go on spoil yourself. You deserve it!

100% organic and natural.Handmade in South Africa .This product is exceptionally well made, professionally presented, and is a top quality export grade product from our South African shores.

What is Dowsing :

Dowsing is a form of divination to receive guidance or answers to questions that can’t be

answered by one’s rational thought processes or five senses. Dowsing is a golden thread that

connects and runs through all cultures, religions and belief systems and has been

practiced throughout the millennia.


The movements of the dowsing rods are a physical indicator of existing intuitive knowledge. The body acts as a receiver and uses the movements of the dowsing rods to amplify this information. It is believed that the practice of dowsing can lead to the development of one’s intuitive nature.


When to Dowse :

Use your dowsing rods to measure the strength of a person’s energy field, their thoughts

and emotional state of being. It can also be used to measure the energy fields of crystals and the electromagneticradiation fields of electronic devices such as cellular phones, TVs and

computers, or one can dowse for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions that require answers.

Healers use dowsing to assist in patient diagnosis (i.e. the state of energy centres

and the selection of remedies). Measurement of the earth’s energy lines and finding

geopathic stress areas in one’s house is another way to utilise the art of dowsing. Certain

industries use dowsing to locate underground water and minerals and the rods are useful

for finding lost objects.