Aventurine pendulum pendant w chakra & tree of life, 72mm


R 220.00 


KEYWORDS: Vitality, growth, confidence

ELEMENTS: Water, Earth

CHAKRAS: Heart (4th)

PROPERTIES: Spiritual – Strengths the emotional body and heart chakra. Release of attachments to physical manifestations. Aids in moving forward and willingness to heal. Emotional – Strengthens an individuals sense of self. Ideal stone for those looking for a positive view of life. Symbolizes tranquillity and penitence. Its gives the wearer inner equilibrium and stimulates dreaming. Should be worn over extended periods of time.

COMPLEMENTARY STONES: Moonstone, Moldavite, Morganite.

Type: Pendant Size: 72mm incl bail Color: Green Stone: Aventurine Metal: Nickel silver