Crystal Essence


R 135.00 

Crystallized Essences are solid perfumes made with a base of refined Styrax tree resin into which essential oils and fragrance oils are infused, pressed and crystallized. The original process was developed centuries ago by an Ayurvedic physician for the manufacture of amber, which was originally created as a stress-relieving and mood-enhancing compound.

Our solid perfumes are easy to use by taking a small amount and rubbing it onto your skin. Alternatively, you may use them as a drawer, closet or room sachet.

Fragrances include:
Amber – Elevating, Opens the heart, Calms the mind
Cedar – Fortifying, Promotes inner strength and confidence
Desert Balsam – Purifying, Sensuous, Tranquil
Jasmine – Sensual, Alluring, Heart opening

Patchouli – Exotic, Earthy, Naturally Pleasing
Rose – Passionate, Romantic, Uplifting
Vetiver – Peaceful, Balancing, Tranquil
Ylang Ylang – Enchanting, Heart Enriching, Joyful

These incredible fragrances are sensually enticing, calming to the mind, and helpful in preparing for meditation or contemplation. Presented in an exquisite handcrafted wooden jar.

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