“Just Ask Janet ©” – Yours Esoteric ‘Go To’ Girl !!!! …. With an Exoteric slant !!!

“Just Ask Janet ©” – Yours Esoteric ‘Go To’ Girl !!!! …. With an Exoteric slant !!!

 “Just Ask Janet ©” – Yours Esoteric ‘Go To’ Girl !!!! …. With an Exoteric slant !!!

Psychic Readings:  Janet is a ‘well known’ Psychic Medium with 20+ years experience, Channelling with the assistance of Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides through communication and personal guidance – link with your ‘loved ones’ who have passed over, as well as, past life connections and overall spiritual guidance for the future and beyond. Readings can be arranged by appointment or over the Telephone or Skype or Email by prior arrangement……“Just Ask Janet©”

Past Life Regression Therapy: If reincarnation is an integral part of your belief system and if you have established a current aspect within this lifetime that you would like to address and bring about an in-depth release as part of a powerful healing methodology. Past Life Regression and exploration can greatly assist you.

Reiki Teacher & Practitioner:  Reiki is an ancient, natural energy healing system, which uses a powerful combination of energy and touch. Reiki is a ‘universal life force’ – also referred to as ‘divine spiritual energy’. As a receiver Reiki will work on the four main aspects of “Being”. Namely: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Reiki brings healing on all of these levels as well as creative levels. It enhances spiritual awareness, helps to release emotions that are no longer necessary. Also releases stress, balances energy and can assist to remove mental blocks. Reiki also reaches peace, compassion, truth, integrity, love and responsibility to self and others.

Metamorphosis Therapy: addresses our underlying, unconscious patterns of stress that create imbalance, disharmony and illness. Our karmic and genetic patterns of stress enter at conception affecting our initial development and how we continue to view and experience life. Metamorphosis helps each individual find an inner balance, which allows anyone to move out of their problems and conditions in life. Children with extreme patterns of stress such as Down syndrome or Autism often move out of these patterns entirely.

We are addressing patterns of stress at its source rather then the manifestation of stress. We do not address symptoms - nor do we label patterns of stress. While we may recognize the pattern of autism or down syndrome, we do not treat the pattern. Metamorphosis chooses not to label people with conditions or problems. In doing so, people are able to let go of the more fundamental aspects of their tensions. Everyone, regardless of their age or severity of condition can find benefit from Metamorphosis.

Spiritual/Personal Development Workshops:   These most enjoyable Workshops are designed to assist the Individual to become more 'in-tune' and/or 'connected' with their Guides /Angels and Masters. Each Module is compiled of interactive components ranging from basic Meditation and Visualization Techniques,  to learning how to Clear and Cleanse self and others, as well as, Charka Know-How and Balancing. Leading into working with Colour Healing, Symbols, Sacred Geometry and Protection. Meet and have revealed your Personal Psychic Guide. Attending this workshop will give you an extremely sound basis upon which to continue 'Your' Spiritual Journey.

Crystal Energy Healing WorkshopsCome to know and understand the Natural Energies that dwell within the Noble Crystals that develop within our Mineral Kingdom here on Planet Earth. Learn to work with these Powerful Energies to use for Crystal Energy Healing OR to incorporate into your Energy Healing Work.

Tarot Workshops: Introductory and Advanced:  Learn this Ancient Form of Divination, come to understand the synchronicity that occurs when you work with Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Energies together with the Archetypal Symbolism of The Tarot, as well as with each of the Suits (Cups, Swords, Pentacles and Wands) and the Major Arcana.

Meditation Group: Ferndale (Randburg)

Meditation is a powerful and simple technique for furthering our mental evolution and discovering the Inner Self and allowing a sense of peacefulness to become an integral part of who you are.


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