Yolandi Boshoff - Somerset West, Western Cape

Yolandi Boshoff - Somerset West, Western Cape

Yolandi practices in Somerset West, Western Cape. She offers the following services; Reiki, Rei-flexology, Chakra BalancingAkashic Record Reading

My journey to this point has been a very interesting one and the universe definitely made sure that I was guided to live my Soul Purpose.  Every thing changed when I had my own Akashic Records read, it was very clear from my reading that I was supposed to be doing healing work and that my strengths lay in my ability to listen to people.   Obviously I already knew this, but chose to ignore that niggling feeling inside and continue with my corporate job as a Business Analyst.  Purely by change I was then given an opportunity to study Reiki and I decided that this would be a great way of dipping my toe into the ‘healing’ water.  I eventually completed my Reiki II attunement but was still working as a Business Analyst.  Disaster struck, or so I thought at the time, and I got retrenched from my job, little did I realise that this was just an amazing blessing in disguise!  With the support of my partner, Rob I decided not to return to the corporate world and I was guided to study reading the Akashic Records myself.   I completed my studies earlier this year and qualified as an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner and a Reiki Master.  It has been such an amazing blessing and I love sharing incredible Soul information with my clients.  I also love the healing work of Reiki and the guidance that I receive during a session, there is always an incredible message to share with each and every client.   

For more information or chat to Yolandi about her services, email: yolandiko@yahoo.co.uk

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