Manfred Menke – Frequency Healer

Manfred Menke – Frequency Healer
With hindsight I can say that I always felt that inner need to heal, to help. I became more and more aware that everything was energy vibrating at their own frequency.

I left South Africa and lived in the Netherlands for quite some years, where I had time to go on the journey of self discovery.
I started to attend workshops and collecting crystals and information in every way I could find.

I was communicating with the crystals more and more and felt their energy.

I started my healing work with the help of the crystals and found that a wonderful way to do hands-off healing work.
I have been working as a healer since 2000 and as Reconnective Healing Practitioner level I/II and III since 2009.

Now I do work as Frequency Healer; and I know that no matter what we’ve learned, where we are, who we are the frequencies work through and for everyone. 
Every healing is different. Everyone experiences it in her or his own way. It is again a confirmation that there is so much more than only that which the eye can see.

My journey in healing was and is about recognizing, accepting and connecting with energy frequencies without expectations; only with gratitude and trust.


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