Justine Mavrakis - Alternative therapy in Pretoria

Justine Mavrakis - Alternative therapy in Pretoria

My name is Justine Mavrakis, I'm 38 years old and a qualified Natural Healer specialising in Usui Shiki Rhoyo Reiki, Crystal Healing and Massage Therapies.   I decide last year that I wanted to change what I was doing with my life, though I never would have thought it would be that of a healer.  I initially started off studying Forex exchange trading, as a way to earn money so that I could stay at home and have more time for my family.  However when tragedy struck us last year, and my beautiful Athena Rose, who should have been my second daughter was still born; my life changed.  I realised a moment had come where I was going to either crumble or I was going to become stronger.  Thankfully due to the amazing support of my husband, daughter and family, I became stronger.  I realised that I wanted to help people, to offer them an alternative therapy and to be of value in peoples lives.  I spent the end of last year and this year studying and today, I have a wonderful healing practice at home, it has brought me great satisfaction and personal growth.  I'm also happily pregnant with our son due to arrive in February next year, and through doing self healing, I'm helping to insure a happy healthy pregnancy.

Balinese shoulder neck and head massage
Crystal Full Body Massage
Crystal Rei-flexology Foot Massage
Manual Lymph Drainage Massage
Usui Reiki Healing

Justine can be contacted on roome.justine@gmail.com

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