Virtue Joannou - Pretoria Garsfontein

Virtue Joannou - Pretoria Garsfontein

Virtue Joannou is one of our listed healing practioners in Garsfontein, Pretoria. Virtue has a Bachelor of Science Degree with honours, is an Aura-Soma Practitioner No 58452 - Registered with Art and Science International Academy of Colour Technologies (AS I ACT - UK -

Virtue is a naturally gifted healer she has completed a number of courses in Aura-Soma® - Level 1, 2, 3 and PPS through ASIACT (Art and Science International Academy of Colour Technologies – UK), as well as Nutrition (Healing Hands International) and Usui Tibetan Reiki (1st  degree - Shodan and 2nd degree – Okuden, through Anam Cara). Although she completed courses in Reflexology and Crystal Healing through Healing Hands International, her practice in these disciplines is done from an intuitive level.

Virtue discovered at an early age a sensitivity to crystal energies, not truly understanding the source of her fascination with rocks and minerals, when she left school she decided to go down the science route and studied Geology and Environmental Science at the then Rand Afrikaans University, before doing her Honours Degree in Geology at the University of Adelaide, in Australia.

Life circumstances however sent her in another direction, from Geology she went to work as a receptionist Officer for a non-for-profit organisation in Sydney, Australia, eventually working her way up to being their finance officer. Virtue worked in the finance industry for the next 15 years, completing her qualifications and eventually working her way up being a Finance and HR Manager for multi-national organisation based in Sydney. She returned to South Africa in November 2011.

In August 2013, she walked into a tiny little shop, situated in an obscure back alley in Derry, Northern Ireland, and was confronted by a wall full of beautifully coloured bottles. This was her introduction to Aura Soma, a system that she describes as having changed her life. She credits the system with bringing her to a point of not only being fully cognizant of her life’s purpose, but as someone actively working to fulfil it…

This awareness opened her to using her healing abilities and allowed her to fully understand her gifts and talents.

Virtue is passionate about helping others on their journey of spiritual awareness, healing & growth, through the use of alternative therapies. She offers Aura-Soma consultations, Reiki, Reflexology, Holistic Nutrition, and Crystal Healing through her business: Violet Sun Complementary Therapies. 


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